Stibera is a business consulting and marketing agency built from a group of marketing experts with purpose to help business owners identify and solve their problems.


We are men and women located in multiple countries working from offices in Europe and USA, the sunny beaches in Ibiza and Fiji,with a CEO working from his bedroom.


Our mission is to clean up today’s market mess, because we believe that there are better products and services from less known companies and family businesses that deserve to be presented to the public.


As a marketing agency we do enjoy our work even that sometimes we face with technical “stuff” that many people hate to deal with.


We believe that Marketing is art and that everything you do from advertising to sticking stamps and shipping products is in fact Marketing!


Also, we believe that people like to be teased, seduced, entertained, and treated special.


Our best advice we can give to people is to use their success and money to improve their living and to inspire others to follow the same path.
If you can’t find freedom and enough time to spend with your loved ones, having a lot of money is just like having a lot of fancy printed paper